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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This place is getting the best of me
It's not the place..
it's what it does to my friends

I out-grew this town
Mundane shit is not worth more time & energy that the hours it deserves
Dragging shit, dwelling on nothing and wasting my time makes a monster out of me

I DON'T LIKE THIS MONSTER, I'm mean enough to begin with

Nothing else to do- is getting me chasing waterfalls
Temporary highs, anything but what is
immediate gratification

Being spoon-fed is making me fat
fat makes me depressed
My depression makes the life of the people around me hell
Then the guilt is consuming
I've worn out my welcome

I am not built to sit and watch my loved ones self-destruct
I am not built to be a "perfectionist bitch" for expecting basic 1,2,3's of civil social conduct
I am not built to be "arrogant, bossy and always right" just because well... I am. ;)

There's gotta be more to life...
And I'm on my way to find out ehat it is.


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