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Friday, September 15, 2006

you decide where

You decide where
Any café, I’m a sword stabbing the sea’
My sharpness is no use to me now
Decide wherever
I have surrendered to the roaring waves in your eyes
From the ends of time
When it rains in this town

I need your touch
Come inside my coat
Inside my shirt
Under my skin , in my voice
Let me lay my face on the grass of your chest
Let me migrate like a bird from my eyes to your eyes
From my hands to your hands

Draw my face on the parchment of night
The street lights and wooden lamposts
Lay your love on me
In the rain, in the thunder
Surround me with the beating of the drums
Let me give you a home inside of me
Crucify you a savior between my bosoms
Let me baptize you mine with holy water and perfume

On the torn pages of my life, hold me together
I have denied the time of sultans
I have refused my priest’s anointment

Let me make you howl like a wolf in the night
Bleed like a wound in a woman’s bossom

Give me the pleasure of death beckoning
Let me feel the beauty of slowly perishing
When it rains in this town
Branches grow from my misery
My sorrow has limbs

Come inside my coat and sleep
I’m your temptress, taste my apple
But in the rain ,
We grow , two apple trees

Nothing final in my mind yet
So take me where you want
Leave me where you want
Buy me today’s papers
Chocolates , wine and cigarettes
Here are all my keys


Drive us against the wind, towards uncertainty
Wander the stables that have no name
Love me a little
Break the rules a little
Bend me a little
Leave your right hand for me a little

For your arms are the shores of safety
There are no maps for love
No, and neither does the passion I have for you
So find a flat where the rain creeps in
A hotel that doesn’t ask lovers their names
Make me stay up all night calling your name
Let me scar your memory
Make me follow your trail

You decide where
For love in this town is like God


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you cook up these poems out of thin air?

3:30 PM  
Blogger Arabiana Banana said...

it's called inspiration.
this for one is inspired by Nizar Qabbani, it is a a non- literal , subject oriented interpretation of one of his poems called .. Beirut, you and me and the rain. to that effect...

5:33 AM  
Blogger O said...

Bloody amazing!!

I love his stuff and Gibran's stuff :)

Thanks for reminding us of their wonderful writings :)

5:36 AM  

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