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Friday, September 15, 2006

A tribute to Niza Qabbani

Nizar Qabbani-

Born in Demascus 1923- Died in London 1998

May his soul rest in peace ( Allah yer7amo)

As if spoken from the grave

A reminder of his fame

I Post these lines

Of a forgotten time

Translate with no rhyme

A glimpse of his mind

A tribute to Nizar Qabbani

Had he been alive

The skies would have cried

Her eyes would have glowed

The deserts would have moaned

On Arabian nights he traveled her veins

Through immortal words, he worshipped her name

On behalf of the golden woman I write

To the man who freed her from all the lies

Not even Shakespeare can move me inside

For not even Shakespeare for his words, had to die


Blogger O said...

Very nice :)

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