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Monday, September 25, 2006

I hate them

Overnight, friend to foe
overnight, I'm walking out the door
trust broken will never
never be the same
Trust broken.
What a shame.

I wont take the blame.

I'm not wrong to be me.
I have morals
my morals
my values

just because they're not like yours
doesnt mean i'm wrong

I'm not wrong to be me

Just because your family is more than mine
doesnt make you right
you just need eachother to tell eachother that you are

'I need to protect my boys from temptation" she said
"God first before anything"
Who are you selling this to.. ?
All you daughters got knocked up
All your sons got their girls knocked up

And because you forced all to get married..
You are right and I am wrong
You're from heaven
And i'm a lost soul

After all... when traces of sin are washed away..
who needs to repent? what for?
Who cares about the cause of it all ?
Because you made them 'fix' it

ahhh yes, sin is no sin when u erase it afterwards.
God is a schoolteacher pleased at the cleaned up mess
because he will put you in detention if don't cover it up

Thank you for making me see

How wrong I am
How wrong I am



Anonymous Farhan said...

Girl let me know how u write all this... its simply great.... im trying to write but i cant be as gud as u r...

11:36 AM  
Blogger Arabiana Banana said...

farhan :)
It's my life. I can't help it. Maybe its the perks of having a complicated life... at least your feelings can be translated into paintings, poetry or songs.. have you ever met a happy artist?

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Farhan said...

Girl i have not exactly met any happy artist...but my life is also complicated... i dont know how gud n how bad im to others... but i know im complicated ;)

9:11 AM  

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